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Maintaining Your Roof

Posted on January 9, 2014 at 3:00 PM

How do I maintain my roof?

  A great question. Taking a flashlight into the attic and looking around 
for any wet spots can save you thousands of dollars. By the time you see a spot on the drywall
the leak has been active for some time and the cost to fix has tripled. The most common areas
to leak are the ridge vent at the peak and the plumbing vent boots. A good interval to have these looked
at by a qualified individual is every 5 years. 

 Make sure that trees and debris are not overhanging or sitting on/against the roof. These create 
Shaded areas on the roof that allows algae to grow. Algea holds moisture against the roof and prolonged 
exposure to moisture will prematurely age the shingles forcing early replacement or risking damage.
Secondly, vegetation in contact with roof or structure allows pests like ants and cockroaches easy
access to your home around insect treatments, which are highly recommended.

 Feel free to contact me with any questions or clarification at 
[email protected]
Thank You!!

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